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Sorcha (TP52)

Invictus (Kerr Fast40+)

Pace (Kerr Fast40+)

Ginger (MC38)

Kokomo (MC38)

Assasin (MC38)

Hooligan (MC38)

Dark Star (MC38)

Ghost Rider (MC38)

Lazy Dog (MC38)

Maserati (MC38)

Black Jack (Volvo 70)

The Hole Way (Etchells)

Little Nico (Shaw 11)

Patrice (Kerr 46)

Caolila (Mills 72)

Beau Geste (TP52)

Fox (TP52)

Ragamuffin (Dovell 100)

Young Guns (FB35)

Quest (Mat 1180)

Joust (J111)

Ichi Ban (TP52)

Black Bazza (Kerr 42)

Spookie (TP52)

Swish (Kernan 44)

Girls on Film (Carkeek 40MKII)

Wild Oats X (RP66)

Kokomo (Farr 40)

Chinese Whisper (JV62)

Balance (TP52)

Ichiban (Carkeek 60)

Kindergarten (Farr 40)

Teasing Machine (A13)

Temptation (TP52)

We have just launched our new IRC 52 Team Beau Geste, and we have UnReels for our Spin sheets, Spin Halyard and 3 x mouse UnReels for sending un-used Halyards up the mast. All the systems are great and working with Troy is fantastic - he’s a true professional. When you get to the bottom mark and you want things to come down in a hurry and be tidy - speak to Marine Element!


Cameron Ward,

Boat Captain, Team Beau Geste


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